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LARC Runway update

Love Air Members,

I want to update you on our new runway.  I know we are all excited to have this asset for our club.  However, many of you have expressed concerns over some of the new damage and cracks on the runway.  Here are the facts.

  • We have a 1 year warrantee on the paving work
  • Van and I met with Connell about the cracks and damage showing up. They were already aware of it and have plans to fix it. Currently they are waiting on the ground to stabilize and for an opening in their calendar to do the work.  I will stay in contact with them.
  • Beyond the current cracks, Connell will come out in the spring and fix any new cracks before the warrantee expires.
  • NOTE that sealing of the new asphalt should not be done for at least one year.

I will keep you up to date on changes and news as they occur.


Chris Douglas