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Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo

Posted on RC Flight Deck and thought you may be interested.


I wanted to let you know about the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo that is taking place October 28th – 29th at the Denver Mart.  (Details here: ).

I had the opportunity to speak with the show organizer, Jim Marski, and I believe the show is a great opportunity to see a wide array of hobbies under one roof.  From trains to RC to everything else hobby, the list of vendors is impressive and the activities at the show look promising.  I’ve been in the RC hobby since 1971 and related hobbies (e.g. trains, static, control line) since 1968.  I’m delighted to see that Jim is taking the initiative in the Rocky Mountain Region to get young people interested in what many of us grew up with.  I really encourage you to make time the weekend of Oct 28-29 to support the show and whatever hobby keeps you up at night having fun.  
Michael Kranitz, CEO
Eventsquid, LLC