2017 LARC Annual Membership Dues:

Updated LARC annual due schedule starting July-1 2017.
Club dues paid for annual membership starting July-1st to March-31st 2018 (for this year only).
Stating April-1st 2018, will be the new LARC annual due date for membership fees.

Selecting any of the choices below indicates that you have read and understand both the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS(AMA) and LoveAir RC club membership safety rules and regulations. Current AMA membership is also required to maintain LoveAir RC club membership.

We confirm your AMA status is current before sending the LARC Membership Card.
Proof of current AMA status is required before we send the LARC membership card.

2017 Single Adult Annual Membership (NEW and Membership Renewal): $112.50 Expires March 31st 2018 because of club changing annual due date to April-1st in 2018. (new members see below if after Oct-1st, 2017 and before March 31st, 2018)
AMA Number
Full Name

2017 Family Annual Membership: $131.25
AMA Numbers (separate by ,)
Full Name (include others)

2017 Single Junior Annual Membership: $18.75
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